6 Reasons We Can’t Wait for Sunday at the Red Brick Church!

Chris BraunsUpcoming Events

This Sunday (8/20/17) is Pastor Chris and Jamie’s first week back from sabbatical. We will see a number identify with Christ in baptism and enjoy an all church picnic following the service. 

Jamie and I are really excited to be back with the Bricks. Here are six reasons we can’t wait for the service.

  1. We will share the joy of seeing a number of people identity with the Lord Jesus in baptism. We are following Christ’s mandate to make disciples (Matt 28:18-20).
  2. I am so looking forward to preaching. The Red Brick Church is my favorite place to preach and our building will be full of energy this week.
  3. I want to hear about how God was at work in our church this summer. I’ve already heard many updates about Pastor Tim’s leadership, the missions trip, camp, and Vacation Bible stories. But we’re looking forward to more details and stories.
  4. We will have an all church cook-out following the service. I can’t wait to catch on every one’s summer. Jamie and I certainly have a lot to talk about!
  5. At the Red Brick Church, there is so much to look forward to this Fall. From children’s programs to Bible studies to facility planning, so much will be happening.
  6. Because the local church is God’s plan for this age and there is nothing better than having a front row seat for what our King is doing to change lives for all of eternity.