GOSPEL DEEDS: So Whether You Empty Frosting Can and Bake a Cake


GOSPEL DEEDS:  So whether you empty a frosting can and bake a cake….

 Well, the 2016 AWANA Kick-off came off with much success! Seventy-three families consumed almost 200 hotdogs, 9 pounds of chips, and many tasty treats . Even better, 122 kids all are signed up for the new year.

However, we do find ourselves in a bit of a shortage  – not of funds for the ministry, not of kids and families to serve — but of frosting cans! That’s right: we use a simple frosting can as M&M (Missions & More) banks. These banks will hold each child’s spare change they bring for our seven M&M nights.

Every M&M night we’ll watch video updates from the Boyd family in Vienna, Austria, who serve with Trans World Radio (TWR). The Boyd family has three small children and will show us in living color what happens in a real missionary family on the mission field. What is even more amazing is that the Boyds have decided that, instead of using the M&M money we donate to help with their own needs, they’re going to use them to help TWR Project “For Little Children” the people of Roma villages in Bulgaria.

So in the coming days, maybe you can use the need for frosting cans to not only help meet our need but to do LOTS for the glory of God!  The Bible says “Whether you eat or drink to do ALL for the glory of God.” Maybe invite a neighbor or friend for dessert—and when you finish frosting your tasty treat –remember to save the can for the kids at AWANA!  While you do this, pray for these young hearts that they’ll receive great encouragement from the Boyd family updates, that the Boyds will bear much fruit in their service through TWR, and that little children and adults alike will find hope in Jesus.