Our Church’s Responsibilities Regarding Pastor Tim Michalek’s Ordination


The participation of our church family in Pastor Tim’s ordination council and service is a matter of Christian obedience. Together, let’s positively respond to the biblical admonishment, “Let the elders who rule well be considered worth of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching (1 Tim 5:17).” As your lead pastor, I give this encouragement with a smile because I am sure Tim and Amy will be blessed – – Jamie and I have been loved on by the Bricks on so many occasions.

Our church family is aware that Pastor Tim has been working for years to prepare for ordination. He has served, studied, written papers, attended seminary, and suffered through countless oral exams (and lectures) from me. We are thankful Tim has worked so faithfully. Ordination is of monumental importance for local churches.

Lord willing, Pastor Tim’s will soon accomplish the final two steps in the ordination process. But he can’t be ordained alone. Our church family’s participation in the ordination service is essential. Both of the final two steps in Tim’s ordination offer opportunities to participate.

  • The Ordination Council (8/5/16, 9:30-3:00pm) is a time when Tim will go through an oral examination with other like-minded pastors and theologians who will quiz him on areas of doctrine and pastoral ministry. Ultimately, this group will make a recommendation to our church regarding whether or not our church should ordain Pastor Tim for gospel ministry.

Our church family is encouraged to be in the gallery for some or all of the oral exams. Your presence will encourage Pastor Tim, represent our church to the other ministries present, and offer you an opportunity to learn about important areas of theological study.

  • The Ordination Service (8/7/16, 4:00pm) is the service when our church will formally ordain Pastor Tim. We are privileged to welcome T.J. Klapperich, a former pastor of Tim’s, and a senior pastor in Florida to speak in the service. We will have many guest from both Tim’s family and other area churches.

Most of you are well ahead of me in this regard – – I have been encouraged by your cards on so many occasions over the last 11 years – – but it would be great if Tim and Amy received many cards and gifts to celebrate their ordination.

Obviously, there are legitimate reasons why you may not attend, but short of those, our presence at Pastor Tim’s service is a matter of obligation for our church family. Not only is it necessary so to have our people present for the vote, it is also our opportunity to be obedient to the Bible’s admonition to honor pastors and elders in the appropriate way.

If you would like to learn more about the ordination process, read the article, “The Ordination of Men to the Ministry” by Don Anderson, Th.M. of Faith Baptist Bible College, found online at http://www.faith.edu/resources/publications/faith-pulpit/message/the-ordination-of-men-to-the-ministry/read.

Pastor Tim’s ordination packet is available online at http://chrisbrauns.com/timothy-michalek-ordination-package-16-07-19/.