An “S” Meeting at the Red Brick Church


Grady and Millie McCoy at the Royal Blue in Stillman ValleySunday, March 8, 2015, at 6:00 PM, Pastor Chris will have an informal meeting at the church with anyone who wants to attend. It will be a time to talk about everything from theology to a parking lot.

When I was a youth pastor I encouraged what I called “s” events. “S” stood for small, simple, and spontaneous. I told our teens that youth ministry is at its best when people get together on their own. Not everything needs to be planned.

Sunday night I’m holding a special “s” event at church. There are all kinds of things I am thinking and praying about these days – – and not enough time to share them all – – This is an extra time to talk. All you need to do is show up – – and hang out. We’ll pray. Talk about God’s word and theology. Reflect on the direction of our church.

And, “yes,” I remember there is a missions meeting at 6:30.  They can come by and see us before their meeting – – we may invade theirs if ours is boring.

There won’t be childcare unless someone organizes it really fast . . .