A Journey With Job


The Red Brick Church in Stillman Valley is beginning a new preaching series on Job.Beginning October 5, 2014, Pastor Chris Brauns will preach a new series: A Journey With Job: Seeing and Savoring the Beauty of Christ Amid the Long Walk of Suffering.

The hard part of suffering is the duration. Time is what makes pain hurt. We could take any amount of agony if it was only for a millisecond. Losing a loved one this morning wouldn’t be so bad if we knew we would see him or her in the afternoon. Loneliness is bearable for a few months; it’s the years of being alone that make it seem so impossible.

Most of us will face seasons of extended suffering. And, if we don’t already know, we will learn that we don’t fly over suffering – – or go around it. We can’t sprint through pain. We must make the long walk through the valley.

But God hasn’t left us to make the journey alone. The Bible is God’s gift for showing us how we can face suffering – – and even find joy and hope – – no matter how terrible the pain.

Within the Bible, the book of Job is one of God’s greatest gifts for helping us make the journey through suffering. As we walk with Job, God shows how we can make the long walk and see that, even when suffering extends across years, there is beautiful hope in Christ.

Beginning October 5 Pastor Chris Brauns will preach a new series at The Red Brick Church, A Journey with Job: Seeing and Savoring the Beauty of Christ Amid the Long Walk of Suffering. In this series, those willing to look to Christ will begin to see that the incredible loveliness of Christ in the midst of suffering.

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