Updates for Sunday, August 5


We are looking forward to a great weekend at the Red Brick Church:

  • Pastor Chris Brauns is back and will preach this Sunday about why we should be excited to receive the Word of God. His text will be Isaiah 55:5-12.
  • This will also be a name tag Sunday similar to what we did on July 15.
  • We will also be installing and dedicating new pew Bibles. If you want to read more about why we chose the ESV, we will have a pamphlet available at our church. Or you can read the free .pdf file, “Why Our Church Switched to the ESV,” by Kevin DeYoung.
  • Most important, we will observe communion.

Don’t Forget that there are lost of worthwhile posts on Pastor Chris Brauns’s web site. Here are a few to consider reading:

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There are lots of people to be praying for – – I’ll give first names only here – – -Jane had knee surgery, David and Denny continue to battle cancer, Carla had heart surgery today. Pray, pray, pray.