Houston Help

Chris BraunsFeature, Upcoming Events

The Red Brick Church will take up an offering for Christ Community Church in Houston for them to use in meeting needs resulting from Hurricane Harvey. 

There is no need for me to communicate the depth of need for help in Houston.

Nor, if you are part of our church family, is it necessary to explain that our church is committed to helping in a way that is consistent with the resources God has entrusted to us.

Sunday’s (9/3/17) Benevolent Offering (the offering we receive after communion) will be given to the ministry of Christ Community Church in Houston. We are confident that this is a gospel focused church that will responsibly and efficiently use our modest investment to show the love of Christ.

It remains only to see how we will joyfully respond to an opportunity to give out of our abundance. We can’t wait until Sunday and the chance for us to respond to God’s grace by graciously giving.

Photo credit: (Trudy Lampson via AP)