Christmas Caroling on Sunday Morning 2016




You are invited to go Christmas caroling with us on Sunday mornings at the Red Brick Church.

Christmas carols are one of our most beloved traditions. What can get us in the Christmas spirit more than singing, “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing”?

Yet, we have to admit that it is easy to sing Christmas carols without knowing the meaning of what we are singing. What are we singing when we say, “Come, desire of nations come?”

So this Christmas season we are not only going to sing Christmas carols, we will work to understand the deep theology behind them. And in so doing we will experience a new level of joy as we celebrate Christmas.

Our worship services are at 9 and 10:30. Children’s Sunday School is at 9 and we offer a nursery and children’s church through 2nd grade during both services. 
-Pastor Chris Brauns