Get in the Christmas Spirit at the Red Brick Church


Childrens Christmas at the Red Brick Church in Stillman ValleyIf you’re not quite into the Christmas spirit yet, Sunday’s service is sure to help.

Our children will be singing in both the 9 and 10:30 services.

In addition to Christmas music, Pastor Chris Brauns will continue the preaching series in Luke: A Confident Christmas. The more we study Luke’s Gospel, the more confident we will be in the greatest message ever proclaimed.

Sunday’s sermon will consider the collision of worldviews in view at Christmas time. On the one hand, we have Christianity with the proclamation that Jesus was miraculously born of a virgin. In contrast, we have naturalism and the denial of all miracles. Sunday’s sermon will compare and contrast these worldviews. I’m looking forward to it.

The sermon notes for Sunday are already available online. Reviewing these terms will help you track with more of the sermon.