An Assignment for Our Children Before Sunday (5/31/15)


iStock_000012420477_SmallI am encouraging children to prepare in a special way to contribute to our service this weekend (5/31/15) at The Red Brick Church. We will also be hearing a member of our church share a story about a time when he argued with his dad.

The central point of Sunday’s upcoming sermon is that Christians should be people of their Word (Matthew 5:37). We should tell the truth.

Of course, the idea that Christians should tell the truth is not news. But our job is only half done when we recognize that lying is wrong. If we are to prayerfully benefit from this sermon, then we need to identify those times when children (and adults!) are especially tempted to not tell the truth. So the assignment coming into Sunday is to identify those times when it is tempting lie.

It will help me (Pastor Chris) preach the sermon if children and their moms and dads talk about times when they are tempted to lie and then write down those situations and what a lie might sound like. For instance, a parent might say, “Did you clean your room” And a child might respond, “I forgot,” when in fact he or she did not really forget.

Write your example down. Maybe draw me a picture. Put your name on it and bring it to church Sunday.

Hopefully, children will provide me with lots of examples. And don’t worry – – I won’t just preach to children. We are going to think about when adults as well as children are tempted to not tell the truth.