A Great Day of Racing at Red Brick


We had a great day of racing at our AWANA Grand Prix! There were some tight races that took place, with one of the championships decided by just over 3 one thousands of a second and one of the races within that championship almost resulting in a tie for first but was decided by only hundreds of a thousand of a second (5 decimal places!). Just as exciting were the 66 cars across the two groups of racers bringing their incredible designs gracing our track that our judges were tasked with sorting out 1st – 3rd place design winners.

We’re thankful for all those involved in preparation for this race day including tear down and cleanup for the 2015 Grand Prix now in the books!

Congratulations to all our racers and those that helped put together such creative cars!

Listed below are the winners:

Cubbies/Sparks SPEED Winners: 

1st – Wren Hickey (Center)Derby2015_35

 2nd – Evan Stahl  (Right)

3rd – Will McGhee (Left)

Cubbies/Sparks DESIGN Winners

Derby2015_39 - Copy1st – Gwen Baker (Center)

2nd – Jazlynne Raber (Right)

3rd – Brooklyn Lee (Left)

T&T SPEED Winners

Derby2015_661st – Paul Baker (Center)

2nd – Mia Mueller (Left)

3rd – Lyndsey McNeilly (Right)

T&T DESIGN Winners

Derby2015_721st – Storm Hickey (Center)

2nd – Elaine Daniels (Left)

3rd – Lucy Daniels (Right)