Making Merry at Christmas


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The goal is to make merry at Christmas together. That’s what Christians should do in response to the birth of our King. Complete your profile for the Christmas Gift Exchange here

The Bible teaches that Christians should value celebration. Repeatedly in Scripture, God’s people respond to His goodness with music, laughter, food, and gifts.

Nehemiah 12:43 offers a great example of God’s people celebrating:

And they offered great sacrifices that day and rejoiced, for God had made them rejoice with great joy; the women and children also rejoiced. And the joy of Jerusalem was heard far away.  (Nehemiah 12:43 ESV).

This December at the Red Brick Church our goal is to live this verse out. We want to remind and teach our church family that our most joyous celebration should be focused on the Lord Jesus Christ and with his people. In particular, at Christmas time, we celebrate the birth of the King.

Our Christmas celebration of making merry at Christmas will culminate with a time of gift giving on December 21. We are planning one combined service. (We know we’ll be packed!) We will sing together, hear God’s Word proclaimed, and adore our Savior.

At the conclusion of our service we will have the Red Brick Church’s most joyous Christmas exchange ever. Here’s how you can be part of it:

  • Complete a Christmas profile. This is what the person who gets your gift will see (except for your name).  We need your profile by 11/23. It will take you about 1 minute to do it either electronically or by hand at church.
  • Be assigned a profile of the person you will give a present to. We will give you the profile of the person you are giving a gift to by 11/30/14.
  • Prepare a present. Don’t spend much money. No more than $5 and it is okay if you don’t spend anything!  But do give it some thought. Make a card, bake a cookie, create a craft, draw a picture or do something that will encourage someone else to make merry at Christmas.
  • Be here on December 21 with your present. And be ready to celebrate together. At the conclusion of the service you will be finding the person to give your gift to and someone will be finding you. It will be a great time.