Our Stories


Stillman Valley Monument by Pastor Chris BraunsWhen we share life together in a local church, “your” stories become “our” stories.

As you might imagine, a good deal of my first day working with our new associate pastor Tim consisted of storytelling. It wasn’t all stories. We built a long “todo” list. We set priorities and made sure Pastor Tim knows when the first youth event is going to happen. But pastoral ministry is about working with people and that means knowing their stories.

So for lunch, Tim and I made our way to the Cardinal Café and then took a walk around Stillman Valley. I told more stories than Uncle Remos. We covered everything from the Blackhawk war to the present. I forget how much has been packed into my nearly 10 years. But telling the stories – – remembering weddings and funerals – – showing where the Sands lived or the Washburns – – or inspecting Grady’s new steps built by Dan (and they’re very nice) – – sharing stories –reminds me that it takes a long time to get to know each other.

I so enjoy knowing the stories of our people. I learn so much from them. It doesn’t matter if it is Pete describing growing up in Cleveland, or Ray telling me about how he decided to major in accounting, or hearing about the elm trees along highway 72 – – stories are how we get to know one another and share life.

So one of the first priorities for Tim is to get to know some of your stories. We’re not going to shove a microphone in is face the first week. I am encouraging him to make the rounds on Sunday mornings. Visit classes. See what is going on. Go downstairs and watch our children. Listen. Listen. Listen.

Here’s what Tim will find. In a local church, when we hear the stories long enough they become our stories. Now when I think of Cleveland – – I think of how it shaped my friendship with Pete. His story is also mine. Your stories become our stories.

  • October 22 – Pastor Tim unofficially (meaning we’re not paying him yet) began. He spent the day in SV working with Chris to determine priorities.
  • October 27 – Pastor Tim officially begins. Through the first couple of weeks his schedule will be a little more variable than normal given the logistics of the move.
  • November 2 – Pastor Tim will connect at both the JH and SH youth events that evening.
  • November 8 – The Michaleks hope to move to SV! They currently live on Charles street and will be moving to the house on Pine. We will need lots of help. Many hands make light work and all of that.
  • November 9 – We will officially welcome the Michaleks in our morning services with refreshments between services.