Hello Red Brick Church!


Our little family!

Amy, Sophie and I are so excited to be part of what God is doing in the Stillman Valley area. Although Amy has experience living in a farming community, I’ve never gotten out of the suburbs. So when we move to Stillman on the 8th, I’ll begin enjoying the many things that make small communities great. I’m looking forward to building relationship with all of you and getting up to speed with life and ministry here. Jana has been a huge help getting my office situated, and I’m thankful for the financial committee for swapping offices with me.

We’ve already hit the ground running though with a music rehearsal on Tuesday, a Junior High “Pie with the Pastor” this Friday after school, and a youth activity this Sunday. We are packing our house in Rockford and hoping the weather doesn’t get too cold for the move. Please pray for us to have strength, patience and wisdom to flourish amid all these changes in our lives.

Thank you so much for calling me to be your Associate Pastor of youth and worship. I look forward to glorifying our wonderful Savior together!

*this also article appears in our church newsletter for November 2014