Let’s Keep Riding the Wave


Riding the Wave at the Red Brick ChurchHere’s how we can continue to ride the wave of blessing that has been so much fun at the Red Brick Church.

Local church ministry is a lot like surfing. To surf, I’m told, you need to be able to pick out a good wave and ride it for a long time. It’s the same deal at church. And the wave we are riding right now as a local church has been a lot of fun. Let’s keep surfing.

Even though hardly any of us are surfers, the analogy is a good one. Surfers don’t create waves. They just pick them out. Likewise, we don’t manufacture results at church. We wait for God to create a wave of his grace and then we try and ride it all the way to the beach.

We’ve been riding quite a wave the last few years at the Red Brick Church. We are seeing youth grow and make spiritual strides. Our children’s ministries are bursting at the scenes. Many young families are getting involved. There are all kinds of social events taking place. Our missions effort has taken off with multiple missions trips and projects even this year. Financially, we’re in the best season for our church for many decades, and possibly ever. Our summer attendance is bursting at the seams. We have people in the overflow every week. We have many, many people serving in many different areas.

So how do we keep riding the wave? How do we keep our balance and not wipe out prematurely? I will talk more about this on Sunday. But here’s the beginnings of a list:

  1. Pray! Remember: we don’t make “waves.” God creates them. Apart from the power of prayer all we can do is paddle around in our bathtubs. But when God’s people start praying individually, but especially together, they will ride a wave of his grace. Pray in a special way for our fall and for the preaching on Job.
  2. Rinse in the Word! God guides and directs through the Bible. God speaks and directs through the Scripture. Read Proverbs. Read James. Read Job. Read the Gospels. Take notes. Listen. Trying to ride the wave of ministry apart from time in the Word is like trying to surf without a sense of balance.
  3. Be gracious. One of Satan’s first tactics for knocking thriving churches off their surfboards is to start conflicts. And there are plenty of chances! If someone hasn’t offended you recently, you can be sure they will soon. Forgive.
  4. Everyone an usher! With our attendance so high this summer, we’re as crowded as a championship-sporting event on many Sundays. We need all of our people to think and act like ushers. Be warm. Greet. Welcome people.

There’s a lot more to talk about. We’ll continue the discussion this coming Lord’s Day!