Four Ways You Can Help With Summer Crowding


People from Byron, Oregon, Stillman Valley, Rockford, Cherry Valley, Davis Junction and other surrounding communities attend the Red Brick Church in Stillman Valley.
Our town may be small, but we have people from Byron, Oregon, Cherry Valley, Davis Junction, Rockford and other surrounding communities that attend the Red Brick Church in Stillman Valley on a weekly basis. As a result, our services become crowded during the summer months.

This is something we are thankful for but recognize that this brings challenges each Sunday. We ask everyone in our congregation to consider these ways that you can help with this:

1. If possible, park by the Junior High or the funeral home to alleviate crowding on the main street and parking lot.

2. Move towards the middle of the sanctuary, move forward, and don’t leave gaps.

3. Be sure to greet people. Act like ushers even if you’re not.

4. Arrive on time. Try and get here at least 10 minutes early.

We are grateful for everyone’s patience and help this summer.