Questions and Answers About the Holy Spirit


Holy Spirit BooksSunday (5/4/14) we are having communion and starting a new series on the Holy Spirit at the Red Brick Church.

The picture to the right is of some of my books on the Holy Spirit. Which is to say, I can’t begin to ask and answer all the questions we must know about the Holy Spirit on one page in the church newsletter article.

But at least I can identify some of the questions we will tackle in this series on the Holy Spirit:

(1) What do we mean by systematic theology? See my post What is Systematic Theology?
(2) What is the doctrine of the Trinity? See Justin Taylor’s post, Trinity 101
(3) What is “pneumatology”?
(4) Who is the Holy Spirit?
(5) What place does experience have in deciding what we believe about the Holy Spirit?
(6) Was the Holy Spirit involved in the lives of Old Testament believers?
(7) When is Pentecost and why should we as excited on Pentecost as on Christmas and Easter? Start reading here.
(8) What is revival and why should we envision it for our church? See We Need a Revival!
(9) Why was good for us that Jesus ascended to the right hand of the Father so that the Spirit could be poured out on the Church?
(10) What is “baptism of the Holy Spirit”? Do all Christians experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
(11) What is “filling of the Holy Spirit”? Is it different than baptism of the Holy Spirit?
(12) How is the Holy Spirit at work in the life of the believer making him or her more like Jesus?
(13) How does the Holy Spirit help Christians with decision-making?
(14) Does the Holy Spirit give Christians gifts? What does that look like?
(15) How do Christians “quench” the Holy Spirit?

If you follow my blog ( you are already seeing answers to some of these questions. Stay tuned for more on my blog and in the sermons.