AWANA Showing Olympic Spirit


olympic ringsIn celebration of the Olympics, tonight is Olympic Game Night (and we’re also making up with Pastor’s Popcorn Night AND M&M Night!) So, Clubbers can earn up to $3 tonight for the theme!!!

Below are the “team” colors assigned to each grade:

Cubbies – yellow
Sparks: Kindergarten – red, 1st – blue, 2nd – green
T&T: 3rd – red, 4th – yellow, 5th – blue, 6th–green

Wear your “team” color & show your Olympic spirit!

Also, Pastor Chris Brauns will be with us tonight answering clubbers’ questions. So, if you write down a question (or many questions) to ask Pastor, you get an AWANA $1 (only $1 for as many questions as you like)! Clubbers will receive a package of microwave popcorn to take home.

Finally, clubbers can bring in their M&M banks and we’ll trade their change with a small package of plain M&Ms.

That catches us up for this year’s missed theme nights…hopefully, warmer weather continues so club can continue as scheduled!

See you tonight! Because GOD LOVES, Mrs. Deb