Starting to see the bricks!





If you know anything about NASCAR racing and you hear the word “bricks”, you’ll probably immediately think of someone like Jeff Gordon or another NASCAR favorite kissing the bricks after winning the Brickyard 400. Me.. I’m a little partial to the rich tradition of Red Brick’s AWANA Grand Prix and the excitement our kids experience each year seeing who will win 1st , 2nd & 3rd for speed and best design. But it brings on a whole other dimension to see our “bricks” and others showing compassion by helping parents and children prepare for their big day! I’m so thankful to see us answer the call from the 1-2-3 steps listed here

We had a great 2 days of fun at the cutout clinics, held Dec 28 and Jan 11–making dreams come true for our AWANA kids (and nightmares avoided for their parents)–cutting out a total of exactly 30 cars!

So when I think of bricks in racing, I now think of our “bricks” that can be seen helping cut out derby cars. Even a few junior bricks were on hand making their moves through the pack to get in position to team up with our master pit crew — Brad Baker, Marcia Bogner, Rob Hart & Butch Kuntzelman!

I think this year we’ll add a strip of bricks to our finish line for the kids and all those attending, to remember and be thankful for the ‘bricks’ that helped them get to the finish. And who knows, maybe the winner will drink some chocolate milk (we can’t leave the IRL out!). But don’t wonder what happens, come join us on Saturday, February 1st @ 3pm to enjoy the AWANA Grand Prix at The Red Brick Church!