Haggai II sermon – Application b – 2014 AWANA Grand Prix Derby


On your marks…GET SET….GO!!!
Random 2013 Race
Car Tuning
Random 2013 Race

We don’t need help rebuilding the temple (that’s been done!). But we do need to think rightly about our upcoming derby in 2014 and maybe help build a few pinewood derby cars!

The AWANA Grand Prix Derby’s purpose was not only for kids to have fun racing pinewood derby cars but to share the gospel in short format with parents and children in attendance that day. In 2014, we’ll be celebrating, with all of AWANA, the 50th year of the derby. Plans are already underway to make this a special day.

So how can our “Bricks” use Pastor Chris’ sermon application on Haggai II in preparation for the AWANA 2014 Grand Prix Derby?
(1) Be Strong! — Its true God goes before us and is with us-Emmanuel! So let that strengthen and encourage us all to pray in advance for this event.
(2) Get to work! — We’re holding 2 cutout clinics Saturday Dec 28th & Jan 11th from 9-11am in the church basement to assist parents & kids on the cutout step for their pinewood derby cars. Do you enjoy woodworking? Contact Darren Daniels if you are available either Saturday to help. Necessary tools and bandsaw will be on hand.
(3) Fear Not! — It’s true we really need to trust God for the results the day of the derby. But getting there is 90% of the battle for some parents who may all together throw in the towel. Are you feeling a little fearful yourself for your own AWANA clubber’s car or know someone who might be? Let them know “not to fear” — we have them covered — and provide them the date/times of our clinics! Refreshments will be provided!

And remember… “With Christ the best IS yet to come!”