The Present We Need


The book of Haggai encourages us that Christ is the Present We NeedThis Christmas Season at the Red Brick Church we will be reminded from the book of Haggai that Christ is the present we need.

There aren’t many Christmas presents we really need. We don’t need video games or even new slippers for that matter.

But there is One present we need. Without the One we need, our lives will remain incomplete . . . Without Him Christmas is empty.

Yet, we ask the question – – exactly how is it that we meet Christ at Christmas? Where can we learn of Him beyond the familiar manger scenes. This Christmas Season at the Red Brick Church, we will see how the book of Haggai points explicitly to the only true King.

Haggai is only two pages in most of our Bibles. But it is amazing segment of God’s Word. It is composed of four messages preached from August of 520 to December 18 of the same year. Even though Haggai prophesied 500 years before Christ was born, Pastor Chris Brauns will show us how the prophetic anticipation of Christ is unmistakeable in the book of Haggai.