Reasons to Be Excited About the 1 Timothy Series at the Red Brick Church


In our world of moral relativism – – -at a time when so many are unwilling to stand for the Truth – – 1 Timothy is a wonderful call for pastor and local churches to be protectors and supporters of the Gospel of the Living God (1 Timothy 3:14-16).

Sunday (if my voice comes back from a cold) I am excited to begin a series on 1 Timothy. I am never more comfortable in preaching than when working through a book and 1 Timothy is one of my favorites.

There are many reasons to be stoked about 1 Timothy. Hendriksen outlines the following reasons for studying the Pastoral Epistles (1, 2 Timothy and Titus):

  1. Because they shed much needed light on the important problem of church-administration.
  2. Because they stress sound doctrine.
  3. Because they demand consecrated living.
  4. Because they answer the question, “Are creeds of any value?”
  5. Because they tell us about the closing activities in the life of the great apostle Paul.
  6. Because they are a valuable source for the understanding of the history of the church in the third quarter of the first century A.D.
  7. Because in these epistles as well as in the others God speaks to us.
My personal reasons for being excited are very similar to Hendriksen’s. But I would probably mention Paul’s clear teaching on leadership more explicitly. Hendriksen obviously meant it as a part of “church-administration.”
The reason I am most enthused is because Paul’s purpose in writing 1 Timothy was to remind Timothy and the church at Ephesus that pastors and local churches are called to be protectors and supporters of the Truth. I am tempted to beginning exposition of 1 Timothy 3:14-16 right here . . . but it will need to wait until I am into the series.