Updates for the Red Brick Church


There are many important updates for our church family as we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas:

  • Pastor Chris will be preaching at a 7:00 Thanksgiving Eve service at Kishwaukee Church tonight (Wed, Nov 21).
  • The sermons from the Leading Our Emotions Series are available online. There are sermons on spiritual depression, anger, grief, worry, and wistfulness.
  • On December 2, we will begin a new sermon series, “Ways in the Manger.”
  • December 2 is also a communion Sunday! Don’t forget to plan for the benevolent offering we take up after each communion service. Christmas offers a wonderful time of the year for our church to help those in need.
  • In January, Pastor Chris will begin a series on 1 Timothy.
  • Do consider prayerfully using social media to share upcoming events at our church. It has never been easier to get the Word out . . . but prayer will always be the most important thing.
  • Look forward to our children singing in church on December 9!