Red Brick Updates


This week, I met with a lady who has some connection with our church. She has cancer and they are not treating it. I assume she will probably not see Christmas. I said to her, “Do you have a pastor calling on you?” She said, “No,” and I responded, “Well then I’ll be the guy.”

Stories like this one remind us that why the presence of a local church is so critical. Eternity is at stake!

Much to keep in mind in the coming days. Here are a few highlights:

  • Be ready to give a gift on September 23. September 23 is Fall Festival weekend. We will have only one service at 9:00 AM. The central thought of the sermon is that, having received grace, God’s people should be a gift giving people. So we are encouraging you all to bring small gifts for one another. You could bring something (think Tootsie roll) for everyone you see – – -or you could bring a small gift for a particular person.
  • AWANA is off to a great start. Don’t forget you can find out more here on our web site.
  • D.A. Carson, one of the foremost conservative, evangelical theologians in the English speaking world will be at Morningstar on Tuesday, September 25. Let’s take advantage of this. Here for more information.
  • This Sunday, September 16, I will preach the second message in our Amazing Grace for Every Day Life, series. Here’s the question, “If the amazing and powerful grace of God that spoke all things into existence is at work in my life, why am I struggling to grow as a believer?” Asked another way, “How do I grow in grace?”
  • I continue to study and pray for the series, “Leading Our Emotions,” which will begin September 30. You can help with this series by sharing the information and by praying for it. This coming week, I have a phone appointment scheduled with someone who has expertise in counseling.
  • Don’t forget our Adult Class meets Sunday at 9:00 AM. This offers a great chance to go deeper on the sermon and to get to know some people.