Leading Your Emotions – A New Preaching Series September 30-Nov 15


Image of Dr. Spock from Star Trek

A new sermon series begins on September 30.

Are you emotions leading you? Or are you leading your emotions?

Make no mistake. Emotions are a gift. None of us would want to go through life without happiness or even sadness. Who would want to experience the birth of a child with the emotions of Dr. Spock? There is a time when we should feel the emotion of concern for the people we love. Emotions are gifts from God that allow us to experience life.

Yet, if we allow our emotional state to control our lives, they can be cruel dictators. Legitimate sadness can give way to the quicksand of depression. Proper concern quickly becomes unmanageable anxiety. Righteous anger can turn into bitterness or tantrums.

Too many people find that their emotions are leading them rather than they are leading their emotions. It makes life miserable.

Beginning September 30, 2012 (D.V.), Pastor Chris Brauns will begin an exposition of foundational passages from Scripture which show us how we can lead our emotions in a gospel focused way, rather than our emotions leading us.

  1. September 30 – A Grid For Understanding Our Emotions
  2. October 7 – Depressed
  3. October 14 – Weary of Well-Doing
  4. October 21 – Angry
  5. October 28 – Conflicted
  6. Nov 4 – Worried
  7. Nov 11 – Grieved
  8. Nov 18 – Wistful