Start Planning Now: Team Sunday September 9 at the Red Brick Church


Image of Aaron Rogers jersey.The Red Brick Church is looking for jerseys from Stillman Valley, Byron, Oregon, Rochelle, Rockford, Davis Junction . . . and most of all – – The Green Bay Packers and Iowa Hawkeyes.

For Sunday, September 9, 2012, at 9 or 10:30:

  • Invite your friends, teammates, fellow choir members, or whatever team you are on.
  • Wear your jersey or uniform.
  • Sit with your team.
  • Listen to former Stillman Valley team member, Karl Glendenning, share his story.
  • Receive a gift which will encourage you this season.
  • Be easily outnumbered by Green Bay Packer fans.


The best things in life point us to the giver of all good things. Teams are one of the best things. Whether the team marches, tackles, cheers, serves, or makes a move in chess – – the joy of being part of a team should remind us of the goodness of God.

Image of Tanner and Tyler HerlihyBut sometimes we miss it.

With all the busyness, if we don’t take the time to stop and make the connection between teams and God, we can miss savoring the season. So on September 9, the Red Brick Church wants to help you take time to reflect on the joy of teams and how they point us to God.  We’ll be better teammates for it, and better prepared for life.

You will understand in a deeper way how the joy of teams point us to the glory of our Creator. And this we want to give a special gift to teammates to prepare and equip them going into a new school year.

Team Sunday will be the first of three sermons from the series Amazing Grace for Everyday Life.

For all of us, this is a special opportunity to reach out to the young people in our community and show them that church is a place where than will be welcome to hear truth from God’s Word that is taught in ways that are relevant to them and accessible.