Storm’s Storm and Other Prayer Requests


It’s a picture of a nasty bone break. I’m warning you up front. Click only if you have the stomach for it.

We asked our church family to pray for Storm and his broken arm. Lest you think we were overstating the urgency, you can see the x-ray at the attached link. But stand warned that it’s not for those who are bothered by seeing x-rays of broken limbs. (That warning in mind, click here).

So you can put a face with a name – – to the right is a picture of Storm on happier days – – -when he was just yawning his way through Christmas programs. I’m hoping his parents will keep him up the night before our Christmas program this year so we can get a third picture.

I did have permission to put the x-ray picture up – – –  without getting too specific on the WWW, do remember to pray for the other prayer requests we have talking to our church family about. These include:

  • David’s battle with cancer
  • Denny’s battle with cancer
  • AWANA planning
  • Team Sunday and our church’s outreach to Stillman Valley, Byron, Oregon, Davis Junction, Rockford, and other surrounding communities.
  • A special prayer request regarding my next book (click here)

Be sure and pray for everyday matters. Everyone is in a battle. For every request we mention, there are 100 others not mentioned. But you are aware of many of them. Carry one another’s burdens.