Name Tag Sunday at the Red Brick Church on July 15


Maybe if everyone was from Stillman Valley, we wouldn’t need name tag Sunday. But with so many new faces in our church from Byron, Oregon, Rockford, Davis Junction, Cherry Valley, and other surrounding communities, we really need to work on names again.

So on July 15, we are having another name tag Sunday. It is easy. Show up. Write your name without inhaling the sharpie fumes too much. Make a point to talk to the person whose name you should know but forgot.

On a related note – – -it has been very tight this summer. You can help everyone if you:

  • Do not build small camp sites of your Bible etc between you and the person next to you. Sit close.
  • Be willing to sit down front. It’s not that bad.
  • Arrive on time. Generally speaking, there aren’t too many traffic jams in Ogle County. If you get here early, it helps everyone.