What to Bring to the Red Brick Church Tailgater (6/24, 5-7PM)


Where: The park in Stillman Valley – – just west of the north grain elevator – – about a block north of the church and on the north side of the junior high. If you park by the church, and roll down your window, you can probably hear us.

When: Sunday, June 24, from 5-7:00 PM or until we get kicked out.

What: It’s a Tailgater. Bring whatever you need to eat, and whatever you need to barbeque, fry, freeze, or thaw your food. Also provide recreation.*

This is not an equal opportunity event. If you bring some sort of treat, then you will have more friends including the pastor. Otherwise, you may feel excluded.

We’ve learned to impart vision, so let the below table be a guide as to how to plan food. You are not limited to these choices. This just shows our value set.

Tailgater Food

Rating (More !‘s is better)

Raw Celery
Raw Celery with Ice Cream




Homemade Ice Cream


Fried Chicken




Brownies with Ice Cream




Raw Broccoli


Broccoli Salad with Bacon




Raw Rhubarb


Rhubarb Pie


Rhubarb Pie with Ice Cream


Supplying one of those little grills where you could cook brats or something would be perfect. (The pastor doesn’t have a small grill, so if you bring one that would help).

Mooching food is encouraged. Feeding the pastor is biblical (see 1 Timothy 5:18)

Why: Because we need an informal church hangout time that doesn’t require a lot of work. (And Chris gets hungry late Sunday afternoon).

*Please do not bring yard darts or archery equipment as we want to avoid impaling tailgaters.  But you can bring footballs, Frisbees, etc.